My name is Robin but I go by Melophilus and I love Art, Games, Gifs and Pillow Forts.

I am summed up pretty well by this phrase. I love to create illustrations and animations with a bit of bounce to them. 

Based in sunny Dundee, Scotland for the last 7+ years, I freelance illustration and animation projects ranging from small startups to big corporations. I've worked on branding, games art, spot illustrations and gifs but gifs are always my favourite.

If you'd like to follow my work then why not follow me on twitter or instagram!  @Melophilus

Enquiries about work please email: Robin@Melophilus.co.uk

Why Melophilus?
It's Latin for European Robin, its usually available as a username and I like it.
How do you pronounce Melophilus?
I pronounce it Mellow-Fill-Us but it's Latin.. so who knows.
Can I post your work to my website/social media page/blog?
Please ask for permission via email.